bulb replacement FLD G1321A

Hi, faced such a case: in the FLD G1321 module, when the lamp is turned on, the 'light not detected' window pops up and analysis starts. Tell me which way to look? This is not calibrated?FFL? Thanks, Yura.

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  • An FLD is different to a UV detector. On those, people tend to replace the lamp first, if there is a problem, but on FLDs the lamp is less often the source of problems. Of course, also the Xe-lamp has a certain life-time, but it's way more of what we expect for a D2-lamp. In your case I would highly suspect the trigger-pack (=FLL). A trained engineer is required to replace it, check for proper alignment and also exclude all the other possibilities, I mentioned. Once the instrument is working again, an intensity test needs to be carried out and checked, plus the FLD needs to be calibrated with the Glycogen solution.

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