HPLC G1367B Software Rev.B.04.03-SPZ spectra function suddenly dont works, no spectra for the FLD

Hello everybody,

mayby someone can help me? We have an HPLC with a DAD and a FLD detector. In the analysis software is a spectrafunction integrated, we normally measure Spectra from DAD and FLD through the hole measuring time. For comparison, we have spectra libraries deposited as a part of the analysis software. Suddenley, the Spectrafunction doesn´t works any more...By choosing a peak in the FLD for spectra comparison, there isthe error messeage " No spectrum forund". If we try the same with a peak in the DAD chomatogram, as a result the false analytes are given and the shown spectra looks somehow wired-only flat lines. We restarted the computer, review the aquisition method-it´s ok. The chromatograms looks as usual, the peaks are clear and the concentration of the control standrards are right. Itßs just like, there are no spctra data in the mesuerement yet. Could anyone help?

Thank you

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