UHPLC, need of use of eluent 0.1micron filtered

dear All, doeas anybody have suitable reasons for requesting a "non standard" filtration for UHPLC eluents?

I've been usually told those liquids are 0.2 micron filtered... or are there any real and valid reasons for asking for higher filtrations?

can you tell me which companies offer eluents for UHPLC filtered at 0.1 micron?

thank you so much, wish you all a nice time.


  • Hi

    there is no need for higher grade  , 0.2 is enough, 

    also porous less than 0.2 may adsorb significant percentage of your analyte of your apply it on your analyte.

    in case of mobile phase, absolutely no need for it.

    even LC MS doesn't need more than 0.2, but i bet you are facing buffer perciptation issue, 

    it is usuallydue to compositionof mobile face, it is post mixer issue when compositionof Mphs percipitate in Lines after mixing

  • hi Mohammad, thank you for your hint. Actually precipitation of buffers is not an issue but I'll keep it in mind: why you're suspicious about it? is there a relation to dissolved particles smaller than 0.2 microns and buffer precipitation?

    kind regards,


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