G4226A Autosampler - leaking needle assembly-loop capillary

I have replaced the needle assembly on a G4226A Autosampler.  There is now a leak from the fitting of the loop capillary.  I have tightened the fitting of the loop capillary as tight as I can, without risking damage.  After 6-7 attempts, with the same new needle assembly, it is still leaking.  It is a small leak that isn't affecting the system pressure.  Over time, the liquid will reach the leak detector.

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  • I can use the Mass Hunter acquisition screen to put the sampling arm into maintenance position.  From there I can move the sampling arm into position to change the needle and needle seat.  However, the sampling arm is too close to the autosampler ceiling for me to easily handle or see the loop cap. 

    We have the basic version of Lab Advisor installed.  The Instrument Control and Service & Diagnostics options are greyed out.

  • Make sure you get out of MassHunter and kill the engines before trying to do anything in Lab Advisor.  What version of LabAdvisor do you have?  You are able to update to the latest.  If that computer is on the internet, go to configuration and market and you will see the latest revision listed. Choose the download button.  If not the latest is on Agilent.com

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