1260 infinity II HPLC-SFC-ELSD leak test + connection issue

Hi all,

I am currently troubleshooting a leaky 1260 infinity II HPLC-SFC-ELSD and want to carry out a leak test in the utility program, but i could not find a clear, detailed description on how to do this. Could anyone direct me to the correct resource for this.

I also have trouble connecting the SFC control module with the utility software. I checked the COM port in windows device manager (COM port 3) and they match. But somehow the unit fails to connect with the program. 

Little background info:

I replaced the SFC booster seal in the SFC control module (G4301A) yesterday and that part has stopped leaking, sadly the back pressure can not reach the method setting (100 bar) and climbs to about 94 bar before the unit goes into standby mode. I think it is likely that there is another leak somewhere downstream. If anyone has suggestions where to look, tips are more than welcome!

Thanks in advance Slight smile

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