Regular leaks in SFC control module (G4301A) and binary pump (G4782A)

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I have some questions about the 1260 Infinity SFC system. I have no prior experience with SFC-LC and have been given the responsibility to troubleshoot our current system and subsequently do some method development.

Now my former colleagues experienced a lot of leaks and issues in the SFC control module and binary pump, even with minimal use of the system. I was wondering if there are regular culprits i could check to mitigate the amount of leaks and seals that need to be changed.  Secondly i would like to ask if it is normal for SFC-LC systems to be so maintenance heavy?

Again, this is my first day with this system, so my knowledge on what should be normal values (pressure etc.) is very limited. Any pointers on what parameters, or parts i should watch/check is very welcome!

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  • And more detail, you can check in above manual...

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