RID stabilizes and destabilizes around 10 mins after


I am having some problems with the stabilisation of my RID.

I have already applied the suggestions mentioned in previous questions:


I had to optical balance, but now the problems is that detector stays stabilized during ~10mins (green - Ready) and then turns yellow again. Opening the purge for around 2-3 mins makes the instrument ready again althought it doesn't last more than 10 mins.

Anyone can tell me what could be the problem please?,

Thank you

  • Hi

    You can flush the system with low flow whole night and then check.

    I assumed degasser , mobile phase( not contaminted)and temp. control are okay.

    Optical balance later.

    And after this, still problem, then you have to contact your local agilent support to check optical unit.

  • Hi,

    Do you still have this problem?

    Your flow cell could still be contaminated and one option to decontaminate is to use a syringe with water and carefully insert it directly into the flow cell when it is both in recycle mode and (the other one). You might need to repeat it  2 or 3 times. Be careful to not contaminate it again when replacing the solvent.


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