Wavelength Calibration test aborted by system - HPLC 1100 DAD detector

I have just replaced both the tungsten and deuterium lamps in the DAD of my 1100 HPLC and when I attempt to run the wavelength calibration test in lab advisor, it won't complete the test and the status is aborted by system. The lamps have been on for the required time and the flow cell is removed during the test.

There is no further information about why the test is aborting - does anyone have any further insight

  • Hi

    Are you getting any error code in logfile or on controller.

  • No, no error codes in the results file or the log book, the alpha and beta deviation are very high though

  • There could be hardware issue like motherboard but before that do lamp intensity test then try wave length calibration again.

  • The lamp intensity test fails - does not get aborted but fully fails. Any information on how I can tell if it's a motherboard issue? Thanks 

  • This lamp you bought from agilent..

  • Before replacing lamp, what problem / error you were facing..

  • Yeah it was a brand new lamp from agilent. The problem I was having was very bizarre detector results, when just running the mobile phase the detector signal was just completely flat, with no noise at all which is unusual and then with blank injections I was getting large square spikes in the baseline, or negative peaks, the below are from two consecutive injections of 90% acetones

    The system had run without issue the day previously, although it was shut down for a month before that    

  • When there was issue with peak and baseline that time detector lamp was litting.

    That time, you should put new mobile phase and new column or any other column to see peak n baseline.

    I assume that there is no leak..

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