FLD Flow Cell Pathlength (G1321-60005)


I am using a G1321-60005 flow cell in a G1321B FLD detector. I was wondering if I might get information on the pathlengths for the light entering and exiting the cell? I have an application where I would like to apply inner filter corrections to the data.



  • Hello all, thank you for the responses!

    To clarify, I am interested in the liquid path length within the flow cell. The analysis I am aiming to try is an "inner filter" correction to correct the measured fluorescence intensities for light absorbed entering the cell at the excitation wavelength and exiting at the emission wavelength. An application of this correction is to help distinguish true fluorescence quenching from absorption.

    I would imagine the cell dimensions would not be confidential as it seems to be standard information for optical measurements? 

  • Yes, for UV detection this is normal, but an FLD cell is not just a block of a rectangle shape, where you just measure from entrance to exit.

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