1260 SFC Maximum modifier concentration

Using a 1260 SFC, not a hybrid system, what is the maximum %B (modifer) that I can run? Methods seem to go as high as 50% modifier

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  • You can program a gradient to go to 100%B in theory. The BPR control will not be great at 100% co-solvent but its possible. However, I have not seen an application which requires more than 50% MeOH, EtOH or IPA co-solvent. Maybe others on here have specific examples, but if you look at the work of someone like Davy Guillarme from University of Geneva he rarely uses more than  30% co-solvent. I attached here our SFC Application Compendium to give you more examples. 

  • Danny- Thank you very much!

    As a follow-up question, how are columns removed and stored? In 100% co-solvent, or whatever solvent composition was used at the end of the run? I will sometimes need to swap columns as my system has no column switcher. I do know about the vent as I read about it in the system manual.

  • Typically, I advise customers to set the composition to 100% co-solvent (MeOH normally) and then flush the column for a couple of minutes. As stated before, the BPR most likely will not be totally stable at 100% MeOH but just ignore that. After 10-20 column volumes of co-solvent turn off the flow and de-pressurise the system. You referred to the vent so you know when to find this setting. After de-pressurisation, remove the fitting from the front of the column and then the back. You will likely still see solvent spitting or fizzing out of the column even after depressurising. If you want to be totally sure to store the column in solvent, the only real way to do this is to flush it from an LC pump (if you have a free system in the lab).

  • Thank you very much! I appreciate the help!

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