system pressure test on a G1312B

On a G1312B would there be a benefit to running the HPLC lab Advisor system pressure test on both channels A and B?

Why are two channels given as an option?

Is there an option to run the pressure test on different channels for a quaternary system? 


  • The pressure test, tests the pump heads... but with the leak rate test on the binary pump, you can choose A or B. Choosing the pump head narrows down which pump head has the issue or leak.

    You cannot choose the channel for the quaternary pump.

    To find out more about each test on the system, go to Apps in Lab Advisor and Diagnostic catalog.

    Choose the device class- type and it lists all the tests, controls, tools etc

    double click on the test and it does give all the details needed.

    What version of Lab Advisor do you have?

  • 1) Yes, you are sure there is not leak in any pump head

    2) For performing the test to channel A, B or both, if you perform the test in 1 channel it doesn't test both head pumps

    3) No, quaternary system has just 1 pump head; even it has 4 solvent tubings (channels) all they are before pump head in the flow path, and they are at atmospheric pressure, the mixture of solvents occurs also at atmospheric pressure, the solvent mixture enters to pump head and then it is pressurized, so in a quaternary system it is not important which solvent channel you select for running the test.

  • Thanks I've updated to the latest Lab Advisor and it now has the information required to answer the question posed to me. Thanks for your help.

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