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Got a weird problem today.  I have an LC1100 with chemstation that was working fine until today.  When I launched it, the chemstation loaded up but it the system diagram didn't load.  If you go to view->system diagram, it won't load that way either and on the left-bottom of the screen it will give an error 'A register is empty'.  Nothing has been changed on the computer system.  I can connect to it and control it through lab advisor.  Any advice/ideas?

  • Hello JohnB,


    Without LOG files or an error screenshot (e.g. autostart macro / error code number), the possibilities are numerous.


    here are some ideas:
    1) Reg file rename
    Exit LC Chemstation
    Open the instrument directory: "C:\Chem32\x" (x corresponds to instrument no.)
    There are 2 files that can be responsible: Config.reg & Conf_Off.reg.
    Rename them by adding the extension .old or backup.
       * Be aware that for LC applications the config.reg file contains the information for the columns. On systems without column tags the column data has to be entered manually.
       * The REG files are rebuild after the next successful start of an instrument session.

    Restart Chemstation & the error could already be fixed.

    2) other steps, if (1) did not help:
    a) take a screenshot of the error
    b) which ChemStation version do you use? (menu: help> about)


    copy here additional files:
       c) c:\WINDOWS\ChemStation.ini
       d) instrument LOG file:
                 C:\Chem32\x\TEMP\INSTRx.LOG where X is the instrument number
          e.g. C:\Chem32\1\TEMP\INSTR1.LOG



    regards, M.

  • Have you tried the "Repair" option of the main installer?

  • Thanks for the reply, rebuilding the REG files didn't help.

    Its was weird, only system diagram was not showing up, all the other stuff (sampling diagram, run queue, etc) could be turned on/off.  I ended up just reinstalling the software to fix it.

    The chemstation is Rev. C01.10 [201]

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