Error: scil_DataP2()-ERR_SC_DATREAD_HDR

Good morning,

During an analysis on a GC (7890B) - MS (5977A), the following error appeared for the first time:


What could it be?

Thank you.

  • Wow. The last time I have any record of this error is from 2016!  The Smart Card was replaced but the error happened again later.  The computer was imaged and MassHunter reloaded, reconfigured, and the problem did not reappear, or at least I was not contacted about it further.

    I would suggest that is the safest option. Reimage the PC using the Agilent image that came with the instrument controller computer, reload and reconfigure MassHunter. Try again.

    If the error persists, try reflashing the firmware in the MS.  The worry is that if the SmarCard is the problem that trying to reflash the firmware first may cause the board to be unusable and require replacement.  If the PC work doesn't fix it, the SmartCard in the MSD would be next.

  • Thank you very much for the answer.

    The first thing I did after the error appeared was to continue the sequence that had stopped. It finished without problem.

    Because I had contacted the Agilent Spanish customer service about this issue, they contacted me by phone and said not to do anything after I explained what I had done and that the system was working. Before that, they had suggested to do a fimware update. It is something we cannot do because the computer is not connected to the internet for at least 4 years.

    We have a preventive maintenance scheduled in November and I will talk about this to the service engineer.

    Thanks again.

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