Can I use Solid sample PFTBA with PN: 8500-0656 for GCMS tuning?


Can I use the solid sample PFTBA with the PN: 8500-0656 for the GCMS tuning? If so, pls let me have a procedure to prepare the solution. Thanks.

  • PFTBA is a liquid at room temperature. The 8500-0656 is 10grams of liquid - 5.32 ml.  110 µL of PFTBA into an empty vial is safely below the opening of the tube as shown here.   
    That means that the 5.32 ml (10g) ampule 8500-0656 will fill the calibration vial 48.36 times.   Save all the rest in a very tightly sealed vial as it will last many years.

    8500-0656 is $304 USD. You could also purchase 05971-60571 which is an ampule that contains 0.5 ml for $124 USD. 


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