7000C chamber door will not open

We use 7000C ms we are having issues with autotune and were advised by Agilent to clean the HED.

After venting instrument, chamber door will not open. All screws,  cables etc removed, vented as instructed. It has been opened many times but only encountering this issue now.

Any suggestions on how to get it opened. Thanks

  • Hi ,

    i send you the procedure with all the steps, check that vent valve is opened, and the screw that is located in the right top of the analyzer is untighten. you can also pull out the top right corner of the analyzer door .

    1 Click the MS Tune icon from the Instrument Control panel.

    2 Select the Manual Tune tab.

    3 Select the Vacuum Control tab.

    4 Click the Vent button.

    5 Set the GC/MS interface heater and the GC oven temperatures to ambient (room temperature).

    6 Turn off the MS by pressing the power switch. 

    7 Unplug the MS power cord.

    8 Remove the analyzer window cover

     WARNING If you are using hydrogen as a carrier gas, the carrier gas flow must be off before turning off the MS power

     If the foreline pump is off, hydrogen will accumulate in the MS and an explosion may occur. Read “Hydrogen Safety” before operating the MS with hydrogen carrier gas.

    CAUTION Be sure the GC oven and the GC/MS interface are cool before turning off carrier gas flow.

    WARNING When the MS is vented, do not put the Workstation into Instrument Control view. Doing so will turn on the interface heater. 

    9 Turn the vent valve knob  counterclockwise only 3/4 turn or until you hear the hissing sound of air flowing into the analyzer chamber.

    Do not turn the knob too far or the O-ring may fall out of its groove.

    Be sure to retighten the knob before pumping down.  

    WARNING Allow the analyzers to cool to near room temperature before touching them.

    CAUTION Always wear clean gloves while handling any parts that go inside the analyzer chambers

    I will appreciate you feedback

    Thanks Regards

  • Between step 4 and step 6...wait for the system to tell you that Vent is Complete .  Do not just set the instrument to vent and then turn it off... damage could occur.

    Step 7  unplugging the power cord is unnecessary.

  • If you want to clean the HED and the rear analyzer had never been opened before...it can be a bit difficult to get the rear analyzer opened. Remove the sheet metal rear analyzer electronics cover.  Make sure that the two shipping screws are loosened all the way and the instrument is vented.  Gently pull on the rear-most shipping screw. If the analyzer door does not open - I use a hard plastic screwdriver between the analyzer side plate and the manifold.  I start at the top of the very back edge and work my way down that rear edge.  

    I just did this last week and it took me a few careful minutes to get it opened.  When I did, the analyzer O ring was still partially stuck onto the analyzer side plate. I had to remove the entire rear analyzer from the mainframe to be able to reinstall that O ring.  This is not for the faint of heart!  You may want to call Agilent and have a trained Field Service Engineer come out.

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