How to quantify 100+ pesticides with GC/MS in SIM?

Hi everyone!

In my lab, we set a method for the analysis of 10 pesticides with an single quadrupole GC/MS in SIM mode. No problems. Now we want to add, analyse and quantify more than 100 compounds in SIM too but the MS methos alerts me that 420 ions are too much (130 compounds x 3 ions = 420 ions). So, my question is: How can I analyse and, most important thing, quantify all these new compounds? 

Any suggestion?

Thank you so much!

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  • Too many ions selected for plotting:


    Uncheck most of them!

    Also, your Cycle time is about 2 seconds -- which is too slow for most peaks, especially as you are doing SIM/Scan acquisition.  You need to reduce your dwell times to get a cycle time ----  so you get at least 10 SIM cycles across your chromatographic peaks for decent quantitation.   This is a dance with many partners and your parameters may need some tweaking.

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