GC-MS Tune 5975 - Air and Water Leak Check


What is the acceptable criteria for the Air and Water leak check on a GC-MS?

For 69, 18, and 28, I have a relative abundance of 100, 1.61, and 1.15. This seems really low. Can you please give me suggestions as to what I should do?

Thank you!

  • Please attached autotune report..

  • Can you see it now? 

  • When source of MS was cleaned then that time any GC maintenance performed means consumables like septa/ liner/ gold seal etc were replaced or not

  • Not those consumables, but consumables in the source were replaced.

  • Share autotune report like this...

  • I am unable to get that autotune report due to the age of my software. We do not have a PDF software on the computer and the computer is not connected to the internet

  • See, water can be removed by baking of ms and conditioning of column but for air leak need to check all points mentioned in documents i shared..

    Check septa nut is tight properly or not..better put new septa..

  • Autotune print out is coming or not.

  • No, Autotune print won't work either. The only thing I can generate is what I uploaded earlier

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