What is the the part number for 5975C electron multiplier horn?

Can someone confirm the part number g3170-80103  is the correct part number for my 5975C detector?  Thankyou in advance


  • This would be correct for a Triple Axis Detector (TAD) . It is possible that you have a standard EM which would be 05971-80103. To confirm if you have a TAD, the MSD should have this noted on the covers of the MSD. You can also vent the instrument and the EM part number is noted on the HED assembly at the rear of the analyzer.



  • Hi

    You can though above file and as James mentioned that you have to see that you have triple axis detector 5975c or not.

    You can see it on front of ur ms about it.

    Part number of triple axis detector horn is different from other so you have to check ur system..

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