PC cannot communicate with the GC unit in GC/MS system

Dear Agilent Community Members,

I found that the PC on our GC/MS system lost the communication with the GC unit (7890A).
It can communicate with the MSD unit (5975C).
The PC and these units are connected via a switch.
Ping from the PC to the GC didn’t go through (all packets were lost).
Ping from the PC to the MS was fine.
The system was working until August 10th then I found the issue on August 12th.
I saw there were a couple of Windows Updates during that period (including the restart of the PC).

Here are what I have checked.
- All cables and switch for the connection were fine.

- IP address, Default Gateway and Subnet mask were set appropriately.
PC: 10:4:40:170
MS: 10:4:40:169
GC: 10:4:40:168
Subnet Mask: 255:255:255:0
Default Gateway : 0:0:0:0

- I once changed the IP address for the GC to the one used for the MS unit but ping didn't work.

- I tried the direct connection between the PC and GC unit via a crossover cable and tried ping, but all packets were lost.
The direct connection between the PC and MS unit using the same cable was fine (thus, the cable was OK).

- I tried ping using another PC with the firewall stopped, but ping didn’t reach GC (ping to MS was fine).

Based on the attempted troubleshooting, I am suspecting a hardware issue on the GC unit, such as malfunction of the network card inside.
However, I would like to know if there are something I can do before having a service.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kosuke Ohgo

  • By the way which software you are using in PC.

  • Generally, i never heard that communication board of gc give any problem.

  • I see the green lignt ON on the logic board. I never see it is blinking though.

    Thank you for sending the document.
    Once I tried ping from another PC with firewall off, but ping got failed.
    I will try ping from that PC after reading the document.

    The security of the PC for the GC/MS is controlled by our ITS.
    They quickly checked the PC yesterday but they didn't change the setting

    because ping from the PC to MS worked fine.

    FYI, it looks that MassHunter recognizes the MS, too.

    Thank you again,

  • Sometime reconfiguration also help to solve issue..

  • Thank you, let me check the link above.

  • Yes, please check all documents and link, i shared...

  • Hi Ish,

    Here is an update.
    - I checked the Firewall settings but they looked fine.
    - The new configuration didn't work. The GC was not recognized from MassHunter.
    I hoped it was a software issue, but more likely hardware issue, unfortunately.

    I will probably install the logic board (G3430-61820) myself.
    I may post a new question regarding the installation if I get a hard time to do that.

    Thank you again for your help,

  • Hi Kosuke,

    Thanks for updation.

    I hope after replacing logic board, it starts communication..

    Let's see..

  • But with new logic board, IP address of GC may become default address or some firmware updation need so please keep in contact with your local agilent support for their advice..

  • Why, i am saying to contact Agilent local suppprt becoz logic board contains information of gc like configuration, methods, serial number, ip address of Lan, date of manufacture, heater configuration, type of oven etc. etc. etc..

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