I'm completely new to GC/MS and need all the help I can get. I tried running a method today and all I see is a triplet of peaks repeating itself. It doesn't change even if I change the method. I have no clue what I am looking at. What am I seeing?

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  • Csiquet_flex2000 my guess for your 4 signal sources the Save check box is unchecked, so you don't see them as an online signal during acquisition nor as a saved raw data file.  The Signal settings under the GC Parameters is only for GC based detectors such as FIDs, TCDs, etc.  So a GC or GCMS can encounter a situation where someone selected to save a test plot in their method.  

    This function is separate from a MS as the MS doesn't have a test signal.  The original poster could have encountered this with any Agilent GC on any of the Agilent chromatography software platforms.

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