Difficulty with the HED supply "error, MS fault 2  2

Am having the above error message on agilent 5975 MSD whiles checking for Air and water. The process cannot continue and had to shutdown the instrument without venting. Though I suspect the HED power supply, I would like to have some confirmation before moving forward.

  • Hi,


    this error message could happen if there is a really huge amount of air/water in your system. If the error occurs after pump down, you should wait about 1-2 hours to move forward.

    Otherwise it could be a problem with the power supply itself or the HED.

    Try to clean the HED, if this doesn't help call the Service to test/replace the power supply.




  • Thanks very much, appreciated. I also suspect the HED power supply. The filament comes on briefly and goes off. Anytime you tried checking for anything, even tried tuning, the filament comes and goes off.

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