Headspace Autosampler 7697A driver initialization failure

Hello All!

I am having some issues launching our GC with headspace autosampler from one PC only. All the other GCs (12 total) launch just fine, and I can launch the headspace GC from its controller PC as well. Upon attempting to launch on this particular PC, I get the following message:

I have attempted to update OpenLab (CDS version 2.6). I'm not sure how to install JUST the driver for this one particular GC on the computer. Any help/ tips would be appreciated. 

  • The Headspace autosampler driver is not installed by default on the client computers. It is classed as a special injector, which it is.

    On the original OpenLab installation media, a USB stick, navigate to the following directory, on the client PC you are having problems: Setup\Packages\Add-Ons

    In that directory you will find the installer (Agilent OpenLab CDS - Agilent 7697A-8697 Headspace Control.msi)

    Run this to install, then do the following.

    Go to the Windows menu>Agilent Technologies>OpenLab Configuration

    When that opens type in the name of your OpenLab Server address in the 'Hostname' field:

    Click Connect. Enter an administrator username and password.

    IMPORTANT; Deselect the 'Register as Instrument Controller'. This is a client!

    Click 'Register', and when all done, reboot the client PC.

    You should then be able to open Acquisition and not get the error.

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