Optimizing the total run time of a run using a GC 7697A Headspace system

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I ask this question as a non-expert HS user. I have a 7820A GC system with a 7697A Headspace Sampler of 111 vials and I'm running a method that takes 75 minutes to equilibrate the vial in the Headspace sampler and then it passes to the GC to a 7-minute run. The Gc cycle the previous user set was 65 min. Almost 90 minutes are spent in just one sample but I am interested in reducing those times to the minimum possible. Considering the method conditions and the fact we have a 12-vial oven, what GC cycle do you recommend me in order to maximize the performance of the GC. The idea is to have several samples in vial equilibration in order to perform succesive injections and save time.

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