Help with Column Compensation (8890)

Hello!  I'm new to GC; apologies in advance if this is a silly question.

I'm trying to apply a column compensation to a method.  I'm using an Agilent 8890 GC with OpenLab CDS software.  I searched the manual ( but have not had success in applying a column compensation.  I think I must be missing something.

I'm able to collect the the column compensation signal in the software.  However, when I go to update my method to use the compensated signal, it throws an error at me saying the signal doesn't exist.  I *am* able to manually substract the signal, which may just be what I have to do.  But reading the manual makes it sound like there should be an automatic way to record the compensated signal.

Am I missing a step?  I've collected the comp signal in the same method; I'm only updating the method to use the comp signal afterward (see pics below).

Thank you!

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  • Thanks, appreciate the help!

    What's vexing me is I did follow those instructions previously, but the column comp. still isn't working for me.

    I can collect the column compensation "blank" just fine; I see it the data file for it.  I can even manually subtract it in the data analysis window post-run....which works, but I thought I could get it to subtract automatically.

    I still wonder if I'm doing something bone-headed here.  Do you know if once I run the column compensation, do I update my method to use that compensation profile in the method editor? Do I replace my signal with the profile, or do I collect both, or do I apply the compensation post-run and reprocess?  

    Thanks again for your help!  Much appreciated Slight smile

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