Help with Column Compensation (8890)

Hello!  I'm new to GC; apologies in advance if this is a silly question.

I'm trying to apply a column compensation to a method.  I'm using an Agilent 8890 GC with OpenLab CDS software.  I searched the manual ( but have not had success in applying a column compensation.  I think I must be missing something.

I'm able to collect the the column compensation signal in the software.  However, when I go to update my method to use the compensated signal, it throws an error at me saying the signal doesn't exist.  I *am* able to manually substract the signal, which may just be what I have to do.  But reading the manual makes it sound like there should be an automatic way to record the compensated signal.

Am I missing a step?  I've collected the comp signal in the same method; I'm only updating the method to use the comp signal afterward (see pics below).

Thank you!

  • Hello  ,

    Definitely no need to apologize on that one, no such thing as a silly question.

    If you have not done it already, I would recommend reading the OpenLab Help and Learning entry on creating a column compensation runIf for whatever reason the link does not work, you can find the OpenLab Help and Learning on your PC desktop, as it is installed along with the CDS Software.

    Alternatively, you can look it up online on any search engine, which is what I've done to create the hyperlink in this reply.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks, appreciate the help!

    What's vexing me is I did follow those instructions previously, but the column comp. still isn't working for me.

    I can collect the column compensation "blank" just fine; I see it the data file for it.  I can even manually subtract it in the data analysis window post-run....which works, but I thought I could get it to subtract automatically.

    I still wonder if I'm doing something bone-headed here.  Do you know if once I run the column compensation, do I update my method to use that compensation profile in the method editor? Do I replace my signal with the profile, or do I collect both, or do I apply the compensation post-run and reprocess?  

    Thanks again for your help!  Much appreciated Slight smile

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