GC 7890A do not start run after pressing start manually

I am working on a GC-FPD system using syringe for manual injection. Therefore, I used to:

1. Press "run method" on the software, then wait until the "Pre-run" light stops flashing and stays permanently on

2. Inject sample using syringe

3. Press "Start" manually on the GC 

The machines and such procedures are working well until today. Normally, both the software and the GC would show "Start"/ "Run" after manually pressing the "Start: button on the GC. However, both software and the GC7890A show no response when I press the "Start" button today. I tried restarting all the machines and softwares but still could not fix it. 

Are there any possible causes to such problem? Is it the connection problem between software and GC? 

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