HP 5890 II not running.

HP 5890 II not responding. After power-up, initiates "Passed Self Test" routine but stalls at that point. The oven works, and FID is ignited but the light by "Not Ready" is lit up. ChemStation program states: "GC Not Found. Check that GC is Correctly Configured". Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I work as a Fuel Tech at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, IA, and time is short to come up with a reason and solution.

  • Updated Information.

    Let me explain what is happening with our GC,  We store the GC in an insulated building that will fluctuate with temp changes.  At the beginning of each racing season, I attach the copper lines connecting the Nitrogen tank and the Air tank to check for leaks.  I then proceed to make sure all pressure gauges are at their correct settings.  I proceed to turn on both gas bottles to their correct pressure settings and begin the ChemStation program.  Then I plug in the GC, turn on the machine, listen to the start-up sequence, and make sure all corresponding lights and the oven begins to heat up.  Normal starting procedures.  

    This time after everything is set up and am ready to begin my routine, the GC initiates and begins 'Testing Signal Path' and the oven turns on.  At this point, the machine goes into the 'Passed Self Test' and then stalls.  The oven heat continues to rise to the correct settings but the GC will show 'Not Ready' but will not initiate beyond that point.  ChemStation will produce a warning window "GC not found.  Check that GC is correctly configured.".  I check that all gauges are dials are correct, the pressure is correct, and there are no visual faults.  I proceed to safely go through my shutdown sequence by turning off both gases, exiting out of ChemStation then pressing the on/off toggle to 'off'.

    After the GC returns to nominal settings and gauges have bled out, I begin my startup sequence once again and stalls at the 'Passed Self Test', 'Not Ready' light, and Chem Station warning window 'GC not found,  Check that GC correctly configured'.  I begin my shutdown routine, wait, then reboot the GC to see if the machine will reset.  GC continues to fail at the same point.  The gas chromatography machine is in a setting that is exposed to a dirt racing track, components are covered and ready to begin another startup routine.  

    I need an Agilent Technician to clean and make the necessary repairs needed to use our HP 5890 II.  Knoxville Raceway/Marion County Fair Association will hire for services needed.

  • Call Agilent Monday morning for a service call, if they even will work on an old 5890, my guess is they won't but may help troubleshoot it.  I would assume parts will not be available for such an old system. You may need another service company in your area. It sounds like your GC and computer are not making a connection.

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  • Thanks for your response.  Received unit 'as is', no info.  Have contacted an individual that knew what was most likely the causes but said person have been fired before our service call.  Had been relying on this encounter as the need for most welcome assistance is fleeting at best.  I will contact Agilent Tuesday morning and ask for assistance.  

    Thank you for such a quick response.

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