GC 7890A FID ADC OFFset Error

Hello everyone

we have GC 7890A FID and have trouble ADC OFFset error.

can you tell us, what is this trouble and how can we resolve this.

thanks for answers Hugging

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  • Hello   

    unfortunate this problem still hawe Disappointed

    With the help of the user's manual, we already finded several reasons and troubleshoot the error.

    They are:

    "Check the FID jet for clogs or damage. If the jet is clogged, you can try cleaning it with a soft brush or replacing it.
    Calibrate the ADC. You can do this using the GC 7890A's built-in calibration routine.
    Check the electrical wiring to the FID. If there is a short circuit or other problem with the wiring, you will need to repair it.
    If you have tried all of these steps and the error persists, you may need to contact Agilent for service."

    in my opinion this is a short circuit or other problem with the wiring.. we need to repair it

    About the detector, we using Flame ionization detector (FID).

    Thank you for your attention.

  • Hello  ,

    Thank you for your reply. If memory serves, ADC refers to the analog-to-digital circuit. So, if a power cycle didn't fix it, it is quite possible you have an electronic problem.

    Unfortunately I do not have recommendations on how to address that yourself for safety reasons. I recommend you reach out to your local Agilent Team, so they can take a look at the electronics.

    If you do manage to fix it, please reply with the solution so other Community users with similar issues benefit from it.

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