Vial pickup on Tray on 7683 autosampler frozen

Hi everyone

The vial pickup on our autosampler tray arm stopped working during the course of a series of injections and appears to be locked. The arm still rotates but the pickup is locked.

We have tried the obvious - switch it on and off but without resolution

Any suggestions. I think that we had this problem many years ago and there was a solution but I can't remember what it was

Thanks in advance


  • Was it making a horrendously loud beeping noise? I had the up and down portion of the arm break on a 7890 once. There's a plastic piece inside the arm that can crack and you can't buy the part by itself. I ended up making a franken autosampler by mounting an old school HP arm on an Agilent tray.

    You could unmount the tray and try shaking it, if it rattles that arm is probably toast.

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