I have a 6890 N GC with firmware version N.05.05. We want to upgrade what is the correct version N.06.07 or S.01.18

I am using a 6890N with firmware N.05.05. We are using the autosampler turret G2913A, but after cleaning the instrument the tower doesn't communicate with the software. It says Front Injector not installed.

  • Hello analisis ,

    Thank you for asking question.

    The latest firmware version for the 6890N is N.06.07.

    Before update, please check below.

    1, Have you tried GC power OFF ON?

    2, Is it installed correctly?

    Does it fit neatly on the mounting pole? Is the Ready LED lit?

    3, Please check injector status from GC display. Put Front injector button "not install" message is displayed?

    How about back injector?

    Could you tell me if you like.

    What kind of maintain did you do?

    Was it working fine with the same version before maintenance?

  • Hi analisis,

    first check what Mayumi Fukuda advise, than please check the back of the GC. If you are use the turret in the Front, it should be at Injector 1 position at the back of the GC. And everytime when you unplug the turret please turn off the GC first.

    All the best,


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