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I have facing  some issue in ELECTRONIC PNEUMATIC CONTROLLER (EPC) of GAS CHROMATOGRPAH (7890B)  The EPC Module has not give the Set Flow rate for AIR Flow, as we have give the Set Point of Air 350 ml/min, but the observed flow rate is 160 ml/min whic measure through Agilent based flow meter.  The less flow of air causing the FID turned Off and Flame not ignite.  I would like to  REVIVE the Existing Part in OPEARTION by replacement of any accessory of the said part. Our Instrument team have maintained that EPC Modules are  not completely replaced but certain parts / accessories could be change.  Kindly suggest us as what accessory need to be replaced to make this EPC Revive and Operational.


Muhammad Usman

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  • Very Thanks Dmbaikin,

    Currently i don't have any spare proportional value, but if the said issue is fixed by replacing the Air Proportional valve , i will procure and replace with the existing valve. Are u sure / confident that by that changing the Valve make this EPC Module Operation? If confirms by You then i proceed for Procurement. Awaiting your response.


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