Remove Solvent Peak in OpenLab CS Method (GC FID)

Hi All - I am using OpenLab CS, we compare Area% for quantification. How do I set the method so the solvent peak is not counted?

  • I think the easiest way is to turn off the integration during the elution of the solvent peak.  Since you say CS, I presume you are using Chemstation.  In the Data Analysis view, go to the Integration menu and select Integration Events.  In the Edit Integration Events toolbar, select Add Integration Event:

    This will add a timed event to the table.  In the second column, select "Integration."  In the third column, select "Off."  Add a second timed event, except put "On" in the third column.  Enter the times where the integration is to be turned off.  Example:

    Click on the icon with the green check mark in the Integration Events toolbar; this will save the changes made in the editor.  Save the method to set these changes to the method.  (If a sequence method is loaded, make sure to update the master method also.)

  • We're using exactly the same steps. 

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