VINYL CHLORIDE different area with GC-FID

I am trying to create method for vinly chloride in MeOH (GC-FID) and i did it but disturbing is that with every next inj peak area of VC is lower (on the same method's parameters).
First inj area is about 200, next 180, next 150... FOR THE SAME CONCENTRATION. Thinking

Method is short - it has only about 4,5 min. I know that VC is volatile but maybe is also another reason? Have anybody any solution for that problem? :)

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  • ok but it was for acetic acid not vinyl chloride.. 

    Now i inject VC and i can see same as later - area of peak is lower with every next injection but now i inject lower concentrationof VC and 1st area was 26, 2nd: 22, 3rd: 17, 4rd: 14.. Between that results is smaller difference but results are still smaller and smaller (not as in acetic acid) i dont know because of what?

    Does it mean that something is better after my deeds or what? 

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