warning code 103 - sig 1 buffer full

My 6890+ just gave me this error code.  Running E.02.02.   How do i reset or clear the buffer?  

  • Hi labgod4,

    The typical cause of a signal buffer full is a loss in communication with the GC. This can be related to the slide in lan card in the GC but we should eliminate other causes first. One of the more common causes is power saving features on the PC. In Windows control panel the power scheme should be set that the PC never sleeps and hard disk doesn't power down. I have placed a graphic below, your menus may differ. 

    The next item is windows firewall. This should be off for the GC connection. Control panel , Windows firewall.



    If the PC is running dual lan cards, let me know as there is one additional setting that should be checked for Win 7 or Win XP.



  • Thanks James,


    we had wonderred about that power save as it was off but seemed to come back on after a power interuption... It seems to be working thus far.

  • I will mark this as assumed answered, if this isnt the case, feel free to post again.



  • From KB000340: What do WARNING 103, 104, Signal 1, or 2 BUFFER FULL indicate?

    The following are situations that will give a 103/104 error. All of the possibilities below need to be evaluated. Any one could be causing the problem.

    1) Switch the computer off...The System is operating normally. There are no runs in progress. At the end of the day the operator switches the PC off, but leaves the 6890 turned on to keep the flows through the column. In the morning there will be an error 103/104 on the 6890.

    Reason: The PC is always collecting data, even when not in a run. It is used to update the "real time plot" windows. When the PC is turned off, the GC doesn't know and we get the data buffer overflow.

    Fix: Close the instrument session on the PC before shutting down the PC. This sends a message to the GC to turn off data transfer and the GC is now in "local" mode. There will be no error 103/104 message.

    2) Energy saver...Same system. Operator is running POWER SAVER option on the PC. During the night, the PC goes into power saver mode and reduces the processor speed. The communication is still established, but the data cannot be collected fast enough. In the morning an error 103/104 . The symptoms for this one are quite different. On the PC, the STATUS display for the GC will show ready (GREEN) because we are still talking to the GC. Only the data transfer has been broken. To test, select an oven temperature, download it to the PC and it should work. Close and restart the instrument session to clear the error and re-establish data transfer.

    Fix: Disable the line in the computer firmware, CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, or the STARTUP group that enables the power saver program.

    3) Hardware...There are instances when there are real problems with the HP-IB, either cables or hardware. In many cases operators are changing the PC HP-IB board and the PC power supply. It is also possible that the bad HP-IB board is in the GC. Consider the 6890 mother board as well. We have had some bad HP-IB cables, but very few. This is probably not the problem, but should not be ignored. Inspect and replace if suspect.

    4) Power...The HP-IB cable has a large ground shield. If there are power problems on the site, a bad ground on the 6890 for example, then, when the oven starts to take a lot of current, in some cases the current may pass through the HP-IB cable into the HP-IB board, and through the computer power supply to ground. This can cause many different HP-IB problems. A bad ground is the worst thing to have, followed by spikes and noise.

    Fix: Check with a power monitor and repair where necessary. As an alternative, consider LAN based communication, if possible. LAN systems are not nearly as susceptible to power problems.

    5) Software...Other software problems. Any problem on the PC that causes a GPF or posts a message on the screen that must be clicked "OK", or any PC lockup will cause exactly the same symptoms. The PC cannot collect data and the 6890 gets an error 103/104, data buffer overflow. Possible "normal" messages are Plunger Error on a 7673 which if left on the screen overnight, will cause the same 103/104 error.

    Fix: Eliminate the cause of the error message.

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