Pressure change during valve actuation in GC

Can any one confirm that when valve actuate in GC, that time atmospheric pressure change..if yes then how to correct so that same pressure will be there after n before actuation of valve..

  • Please provide us a precise meaning of "atmospheric pressure". Do you mean air supply pressure? If yes, you just need to increase air pressure through gas regulator on top of gas tank. You can increase it to almost 5 Bar but this can increase the sound of actuation more loudly !

    If you mean of atmospheric pressure something rather than air pressure, please share with us your valve diagram (like picture I send). I suppose you probably have a NGA with one 10 port and two 6 port valves. So please tell us more about your pressure problem and valve diagram.

  • Thanks for reply..See, valving system sitting on top of GC..Valves are inside valve box and actuators are on top of valve box..When valve goes on or off position due to actuation that time flow/pressure changes for short period..So i am asking how we can keep it at constant...This thing you can observe with external flow or pressure meter..GC is not going to give any error..

  • "flow/pressure changes" is happening for which gas? Where do you attache the flow or pressure meter?

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