GC ALS error 245

we are getting the ALS error 245 frequently ,ALS tower firmware also updated with A.11.04 .Even after Firmware version upgraded ALS error 245 has come two times.How to Minimize like this type of error.

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  • To add, examine the syringe to see if the syringe is the source of the problem, take the syringe out and move the plunger up and down.  If it is sticky or difficult to move compared to when the syringe is brand new, then the problem might be a dirty syringe.  If the plunger is difficult to move compared to when new, evaluate if the wash settings are appropriate for what is being injected.  The number of washes may need to be increased, or the type of solvent being used to wash modified.  

  • Make sure the “select injection source” under the “instrument” menu has the correct selection applied. Took me hours to figure it out. It should say “GC” not “manual”. This happened after a vendor came in to do routine maintenance. 

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