GC freezing mid-sequence

We've been having issues with our 7890B gas chromatograph. We have it connected to a workstation running Windows 7 SP1 and OpenLab/Chemstation version C.01.07 [27]. We have a Gerstel MPS attached as a headspace sampler.


We have been trying to run a sequence of 89 samples, and the run has been freezing after a couple of injections (after anywhere from 1 to 5 injections). The software display is identical to when the instrument is waiting for the next injection, but it fails to progress. We've waited up to 12+ hours without a further injection.

I would appreciate guidance on troubleshooting this problem.

  • Hi  

    First try check the method you working on it,inject a new sequence(3 or 5 samples),

    If all the runs completed with out GC freezing this means you method work and not  corrupt and the problem not in you method.

    If you cannot complete runs this means you method corrupt and you can try creating a new method from the DEF_GC.M method file.










  • I would try to run a sequence from a fresh new method from Def_GC. As dheyaaldeen said, a method can corrupt and then give issues. So that is why I suggest to first start with a new method and also a new sequence not loading a previous sequence or sequence template. Perhaps the sequence or sequence template is corrupted and will not let it complete.


    So new method from def_gc and new sequence from scratch and run it for 10-15 samples if you want and see if it completes.

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