Shutdown (#6): Back Inlet Flow Shutdown - Agilent 6890

Hello community,

I set up an Agilent 6890 (Software: ChemStation A08.03).

A few seconds after I start the GC, the error message "Shutdown ( # 6 ): Back Inlet Flow Shutdown" is shown on the display. The settings of the Back Inlet shows that the pressure is set to 0.29 but the actual pressure is 0.00. I already checked the helium inlet to the GC: It is set to 6 bar and the gas pipe are clean and nice. I also changed the septum. But the problem is still present. The inlet is connected to a 30 m x 0.250 mm column and the FID is used as detector.

Has anybody an idea how I can fix this problem?


Thank you!

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