Volume Accuracy Failure - 850-DS Dissolution Sampling

During volume accuracy test of our 850-DS Dissolution Sampling, the difference of the sample volume for position #2 for 10mL was higher than 0.5mL, being that specification is lower than 0.25mL.

How can we calibrate the equipment to sample the right volume?

We performed the full range volume dispense (in the calibration screen), but we are not sure how to use the data to do the equipment calibration.

Could you help us, please?

# Empty Test Tube Filled Test Tube Difference Actual Sample Volume Difference from Set Point of 10 mL
1 7.6591 17.6115 9.9524 10.0226 -0.0226
2 7.6452 17.0647 9.4195 9.4859 0.5141
3 7.5446 17.4167 9.8721 9.9417 0.0583
4 7.6616 17.4081 9.7465 9.8152 0.1848
5 7.6411 17.5016 9.8605 9.9300 0.0700
6 7.6298 17.4850 9.8552 9.9247 0.0753
7 7.5995 17.4570 9.8575 9.9270 0.0730
8 7.5819 17.4926 9.9107 9.9806 0.0194

Thank you so much.


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  • Hi Lycrecia,

    We checked the volume calibration section and we did the full range volume dispense, as described in the manual. However, we are not sure which value we should add to the actual volume in the volume calibration screen. Do we need to do the average volume for each range tested (0.1, 0.5, 2, 4, 10 and 15mL)?

    How can we do this for only one position (position #2) that failed? 

    Thank you!

  • Here is a summary of the procedure: 

    The volume calibration procedure is performed by weighing clean, dry test tubes or 2mL vials and placing them into the specified row of the appropriate sample tray. Select a volume to dispense into the test tubes or vials by entering a value in the mL to dispense field. Press Prime to fill the sample lines and then Dispense to start the dispensing process. When dispensing is complete, remove the sample holders and weigh them again. Using the net volume and density of the media, calculate the actual volume dispensed. Enter this value in the Actual mL field. A corresponding mL/stroke value will be calculated. This is the calibration value that will be used for subsequent pumping. 

  • Hi Lycrecia! Thank you somuch! We will try this and I let you know if it works. Thank you!

  • Hello Suzany,

    Were you able to resolve this issue?

    Thank you!

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