Trouble downloading driver from Red Cargo for G6691A Flow Meter

Some customers have problems downloading the .exe file from the Red Cargo website ( This driver enables them to connect their G6691A Flow Meter to a PC. Attached is the driver saved as a .txt file. Customers should be able to copy the file to their PC and then change the file back to the .exe extension to install the Red Cargo driver.

Red Cargo Agent and Driver
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  • Hi Tommy,

    The temperature indicator is inside the lid on the box that contains the cartridge. See the attached Quick Start guide for examples.



    I am sorry to hear that you are still having trouble connecting the flow meter to your PC. Are you seeing the USB image in the upper right corner of the screen at all? This should appear regardless of having Red Cargo open or not. If not, I suspect something is wrong with the electronics in the flow meter. I'd recommend you contact Technical Support for further guidance. If you do see the USB image, can you send screen shots of what you're seeing when the meter won't connect?



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