ProSize Data Analysis Software - Overlay function not working

Hello, I am using ProSize Data Analysis Software to analyze data from Oligo Pro II system. I am trying to overlay samples. The first way to overlap shows weird baseline shape (scare line - picture 1). The second method to overlap simply does not work. When selecting samples on the "Overlay Samples tab", nothing shows on both the digital gel view and electropherogram trace overlays (picture 2). I tried downloading new version (v5.0 something) and old version of the software (v3.0 something) as this version is working fine on my colleague’s computer. I tried going through parameters but could not find anything that helped me.
Thank you for your help and time!

Picture 1 :

Picture 2 : 

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  • Thank you for contacting us. While the Oligo Pro II data is very similar with data generated by our other parallel capillary electrophoresis instruments, due to the Oligo Pro II’s single-nucleotide resolution, data it generates needs to be analyzed with a different software and will not work with ProSize. Please download and install the Oligo Pro II data analysis software from here.

    To overlay samples in the Oligo Pro II data analysis software, go to Project > New project (figure 1). Click the Open icon, navigate to the directory where your data is saved (figure 2), and open your file (you can open multiple different files in the same project). In the sidebar on the left, you can see the plate map for your file. Click your samples of interest to visualize them in the electropherogram in the middle of the screen. Selecting multiple samples will overlay them (figure 3).

    Figure 1: Opening a new project

    Figure 2: Adding raw files to the project

    Figure 3: Overlaying samples C3 and C5

    If any further assistance is needed, please email the zipped data file to your local support team from here: Contact Us | Agilent

    The zipped data file can be prepared by opening the data in Oligo Pro II Data Analysis software, then going to Help > Zip Opened Data File (figure 4).

    Figure 4: Creating a zipped data file.

    In your email, please include your contact information and serial # for your Oligo Pro II.

  • Hi thank you for your quick answer! However, my colleagues do not use the OPII software and manage to visualize my data just fine on Prosize. I was also able to use Prosize that way last year before having this issue. I believe this has to do with some parameters on my computers (library, package issue?). I will try OligoPro but since I am used to Prosize, it would be better to get it to work.

  • I downloaded Oligo Pro II Data analysis software. I still have an issue with the overlay, where I cannot see all my samples (96 wells), see picture. Moreover, I am interested in the gel image as well as the electropherogram and it seems like this software does not show gel image. Thank you for your help!

  • We have not tested nor validated the use of Oligo Pro II data on ProSize so we cannot comment on why it would work for your colleagues. As for why only a single row is showing, please collect the zip file for your data as outlined in my previous message and reach out to your local support team from here: Contact Us | Agilent.

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