5300 error when using the DNF-FSEW-OQ kit

Current = 4.0 uA, Expected range: 5 - 1500

  • Thank you for contacting the Agilent team.

     To address the error related to current, please address the points outlined below: 

    1. Check that the top two drawers and the top compartment are not open and that the capillary array bundle plug (white plug) is properly connected. This will ensure that the interlock is not activated.
    2. Perform a full power cycle per steps listed below and in the listed order. Instructions below:
      1. Exit any open programs (for example controller software, PROSize, etc.).
      2. Power off both parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument and PC.
      3. Unplug the power cables from the back of the instrument and PC.
      4. Unplug the two USBs labeled "CCD" and "Hub" from the back of the PC.
      5. Wait for 10 minutes.
      6. Reconnect USB cables to different, non-adjacent ports and reconnect power cables to the instrument and PC.
      7. Power on PC and instrument and reopen the controller software.
    3. Check that the reagents have not been mixed up, for example,  e.g. conditioning solution being loaded into the instrument instead of gel. Then flush the array with the correct reagents by performing a default conditioning or full conditioning method.
    4. Perform a sample run again to check if the correct current is now reached.

     If issue persists, please email your local support with screenshot of the error, event and log reports. To collect event reports, follow the steps below: 

      1. Open the Controller Software, go to Admin >  Event Report.
      2. A new window will open. Select a relevant date range for when the error appeared and click OK.
      3. Click the Save/Export button, then select PDF. This will save the Event Report as a pdf.

     To collect the Error Report, follow the same steps as above, but instead go to Admin > Error Report. The rest of the steps are the same.


    Thank you, Kadir Tung

  • We tried all the above steps, but the problem continued. We had to change the parameters in the Methods file as suggested in another reply from Cendy D. to make the instrument continue

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  • How do we avoid the file corruption, which is what we found in our files and needed changing? Our values were also 0 as shown in the Fragment analyser (HS NGS kit) fail to achieve 4µA ?

  • Hello,

    This bug is known as the method save bug. This occurs when you are editing the method and do not follow the attached instructions below. Please note, that even if no change is made, but the method is opened in the Edit Method window and saved, the method will become corrupted. If you are purposely making changes to your method, please follow the attached guidance below. 

    If you do not intend to make changes to the methods, please consider logging in the software with the user level privilege, Username: User. 


    The default methods can be downloaded from our software website and copied to your methods folder to replace the corrupted method files.

    Software Download Fragment Analyzer Systems | Agilent

    Best Regards,


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