2200 Analysis Software Booting Error

After updating my desktop to Windows 11, the analysis software won't open. Upon clicking, the booting window comes up but after around 10 seconds it closes and nothing else happens. I've tried opening the program in Windows Compatibility Mode (so that it will run as if it's an earlier version of Windows) and tried uninstalling/installing but it's the same!

Is there a quick fix for this I can do? Instead of restoring my computer to a previous version?

  • Hello, Thank you for contacting us. I noticed that you already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software (SW).

    The highest SW version 2200 TapeStation instrument is validated to work with is A.02.02 SR1. Link to SW download is here and steps to install the SW are starting section 3.1 of the ReadMe file. SW version A.02.02 SR1 has been tested in house to run on Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating systems. Therefore, we cannot guarantee optimal SW performance if SW version and operating system are not compatible or not validated for 2200 TapeStation. However, if you must, at your discretion, one more time, you may try to do a complete uninstall of the SW per steps in the ReadMe file. Then do a fresh install following exacts steps as outlined in the ReadMe link above. Important: Please make sure that the instrument and computer are not connected during the process. If any further assistance is needed, then please contact your local support here. Thank you, Shweta

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