Intelligent rinse - does it work with SPS4 and ISIS?


We have a Agilent 7800 with SPS4 and ISIS as the sample introduction system. I have been trying to come up with a method to rinse high concentration samples (1 ppm) and I thought the intelligent rinse would be perfect for my needs. I would just have to change the CPS of each trouble element after running the blanks and the calibration curve. I then tried to find information regarding the intelligent rinse. The installing techinican just glossed over the intelligent rinse function during installation and training. However, I only found these links;

1. Question here ( RE: Intelligent Rinse: How does it work?

2. Manuals for ISIS and helpful videos from the computer

3. This flyer from Agilent (

4. And this small article (

So in theory I know how to use the intelligent rinse function. Unfortunately, when I tried to implement it, nothing happened. I then realized that as the intelligent rinse asks to choose which rinse number to "monitor", it does not work as the rinses are happening during the sample analysis (to save time).  The only rinses that happen after the analysis are the post rinses. For me, the analysis time is not a concern; I just want to analyze my samples without memory effect. 

So onto my question; Does intelligent rinse work with ISIS or only with "general" sample introduction? Do I need to make changes in my rinse settings to make it work? Is it possible to change the rinses occur after the analysis? Or do I need to connect my SPS to the nebulizer pump to make intelligent rinse work, circumventing the ISIS?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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