My MPAES 4210 plasma will not stay on

I am operating the MPAES 4210 with the Agilent 4107 Nitrogen Generator. I have run the Gas Test (Plasma Off) and everything passes. When I run the Plasma Ignition Test, the plasma ignites (passed), but after 20-30 seconds, the plasma shuts off. An error message pops up. 

PLASMA_SVC_GASBOX_DRIVE_PWM_ALARM | PWM drive alarm(s)=0x00004000

GASBOX_ALARM_OUTER_PWM_AT_UPPER_LIMIT | Alarm: Outer PWM at upper limit.

GAS_PRESSURE_OUTER_LOW | Outer=258000Pa, expected >=260000Pa

I cannot figure out what to adjust to keep this error from occurring. Any help is appreciated.

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