High RSD in AutoTune


I have been having issues with a high RSD% (>5%) when AutoTuning. The ICP-MS 7700 has recently had maintenance done including: cleaning/soaking nebulizer, spray chamber, torch in 5% HNO3, cleaning extraction lens-omega lens, and changing out sample and skimmer cones for new ones, as well as replacing peri-pump tubing. Nebulizer test and Shortage test all passed and looked good. All solutions have been re-prepped fresh recently including ISTD solution, probe rinse solution, and tuning solution. I have been having to adjust the peri-pump clamp tension and He flow to get the RSD% low enough to pass. Is there something I am missing that has to be done to lower the RSD%? Included are 3 AutoTune attempts done within the same hour.


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