Questions related to ICP MS 8900 sensitivity

Hi everyone. There are some doubts that I would like to clarify because we're experiencing some drift and sensitivity problems and it may help.

We've already cleaned the cones, lenses and sample introduction system, including the torch.

1) There is a solution of 50 ppm Ca in 1% nitric which is recommended in this Agilent article for conditioning the new or cleaned cones. We did it in our old cones and sensitivity improved! My question is, wouldn't it form a layer of Cao, therefore incresing oxides? Wouldn't it also interfer with Calcium masses? (43,44)

2) (and related) We've cleaned the lenses and double charged went down, but we can't lower the oxides ratio. It is always 1,2 or more. Any proper way to do it?

3) Reflected Power is around 60 when the plasma starts and during the sequence is around 20. Shouldn't it be mostly zero? How to lower it?

4) Is there any difference between single quad and MS/MS modes, if the ORS cell is not being used without any gas?

5) Why the difference in sensitivity in lower masses? First report is "start up tune" using 1 ppb 7 140 205 solution, and second is "auto tune" using the same solution plus 1 ppb Pb, Th, U. Any insight would be good.

6) Why the difference in sensitivity using the same solution and same components? Seems random and generally falling down, specially mass 7.

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