Lithium tuning report in No Gas Modus

I have problems with Lithium Tuning Report, see picture. I've already changed hoses and the nebulizer. What else can I do? I can't explain anymore why my peak in no gas mode looks so weird with the lithium peak. I know that could indicate contamination. But where else do I have to look?


  • Hi, what solution are you using? Besides your problem, it also seems to have low sensitivity.

  • The peak to the left in the Lithium window is Li6.  This is from internal standard solution.  Li6 abundance is typically very low and should not be larger than the Li7 peak.  When you run start the plasma, is the internal standard (ISTD) line in a nitric acid rinse or in the ISTD solution? It is recommended you give it the full warmup time in nitric rinse to wash out the ISTD solution for the Performance Report and your batch tune.  Then put the line back in the ISTD solution and fast pump it so it reaches the nebulizer before adding the Batch to Queue.

    Counts are low as @lisandrom91 stated.  Is the picture sent from a Batch running an HMI setting or General Purpose Plasma condition set?  If not in Low-Matrix plasma condition set, you may want to run 10ppb tuning solution.  If you are in Low-Matrix set how do the counts look in the Performance report?  Li7>3000 counts, Y89 >10000 counts, Tl205>6000 counts?  If performance report is also low, check sample introduction.  Nebulizer is the most common cause, then pump tubing, next torch/shield/bonnet.  Check cones and lenses as well.  

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