ICPMS 7900 s-lens ; Error codes 1220, 1141, 2150


I am currently experiencing issues with my ICPMS 7900 s-lens system, specifically the error codes 1220, 1141 and 2150 during analysis. 

The plasma cut off unexpected when we tried to run our sample which contained small amount of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).  Also, we noticed there is a sudden increase of the Reflected Power (from 5W to 25W) before the plasma switched off (from Analysis mode to Standby mode).

This issue only happened in one of the tune mode when analyzing this sample (in which contain a little amount of IPA). 

Hope can get some advice from anyone. Thank you in advance. 

  • Hi Sherry,

    I don't know what caused your problem, but I use IPA all the time (2% IPA in 14% HNO3) and have never had the same problems with our ICPMS 7800.

    Are you sure the IPA was 100% pure, or was there also methanol or ethanol in it? I once hese kind of problems when methanol was accidently introduced.

  • The main error is 1220.  you have to focus on this.  The other error are consequence of 1220.  Make sure you don't use higher than 10% IPA or it will clogged the cones.   You need Argon/Oxide mix to remove the carbon from the cone tips if you use organic solvent with too high concentration.

    Also with S-lenses the plasma X, Y, Z need to be perfect has it's affecting the counts and cones due to bigger opening.  This can cause vacuum issue like these.

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