tune dissolution

Hello everyone,

I want to share that I am new to using the ICP-MS, specifically the 7900 model we have in our laboratory, along with the Masshunter software. My usual process involves turning on the plasma and then going to the hardware settings to perform the necessary checks. However, recently I encountered an issue: when trying to make adjustments in the "resolution axis," I receive an error message that reads: "cannot find peaks for optimization. Restored parameters and aborted tune. Check acquire masses in Hardware setting and tune solution."

After analyzing it, it seems that the problem lies in the change of the tune bottle. The new bottle has a concentration of 10ppb, while the old one was 1ppb. By using some of the content from the old bottle, I was able to complete the verification without any issues. Therefore, I believe this problem is related to the difference in solution concentration.

I would like to be able to use the 10ppb bottle correctly. Could someone guide me through the necessary steps to do so? I would greatly appreciate any detailed assistance, as I have never performed this process before.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration!

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